Tara Technology Systems
Design Aesthetic for sustainable productivity
Design - Develop - Configure

 Systems Integrator of Best-of-Breed functional modules for Business Productivity:

- SAP EBM Partner for "Business ByDesign" for Midsize companies < $300 million

- Inventory management using RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tags to track your inventory quantity & value effortlessly, precisely and in real-time by the minute.

- Manufacturing and Logistics processes control in real-time and fully integrated with your Finance & Controlling systems.

- Monthly fast-close of your Accounting books with reconciled AP, AR and banking, amortization & depreciation, accruals, overhead allocations, transfer pricing, product costing variances within COGS, inventory revaluation, forex and purchase price variances, manufacturing WIP and required adjustments.

- Financial Performance Analysis, Controlling and Business Intelligence reporting dashboards with user-friendly Microsoft Office suite as the interface.
Clean and Renewable Energy

If we must burn fuel, then we choose methane from anthropogenic sources like landfills and wastewater treatment plants or use natural gas that produces the least amount of GHGs

We prefer Solar (both PV and CSP) and wind-power for where they are viable in current economic context.

We use organic rankine cycle systems, sterling engine systems, micro gas turbines and other innovative cutting edge technologies for wasteheat recovery.  Cogeneration, CHP and CCHP approaches to system design is what dramatically improves overall system efficiency for energy conversion and use.
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